Interior Schemes

Standard inclusions:

50mm Rockwool panels in walls and ceiling 

Arcs and Skirts:
Matt Black Steel

Painted MDF

Original Plywood / metal. No additional floor coverings

Kitchens (where applicable):
Modular kitchen design with basic counter top cabinets. Single Sink. No Whitegoods

Shower (where applicable):
900mm × 900mm glass shower with black designer fittings

Toilet (where applicable):
White, basic

Vanity (where applicable):
White with white basin / black taps

Additional Extras: 

Scandanavian style Birch Plywood, with steel straps and angle covering joins. The Birch Ply is placed over the 50mm Rockwool Insulated Panels 
Colour: Blonde as per photo
Extra Cost: Upgrade from 50mm insulation panels to 100mm insulation panels

Timber with Walnut Stain 

Arcs and Skirts:
Stained timber architraves and cornices 

Choice of:
1. SPC / Engineered Vinyl
2. Nautical Waterproof Carpet or
3.Italian style Rubber

Kitchen (where applicable):
Overhead cupboards

Shower (where applicable):
Black acrylic shower walls, shower base & frameless shower screen

Toilet (where applicable):
Black, designer

Vanity (where applicable):
Black designer vanity with black basin and black taps. Where size permits, dual basin

Exterior Options

Timber Cladding:

Our Timber Clad exterior is made using 21mm x 42mm slats of premium Silvertop Ash. This is a BAL-29 rated natural timber.

The cladding is then covered with Cutek Extreme oil which is a professional grade wood finish that protects the timber by penetrating into the wood and working to control the effects of moisture from within. This means it helps to minimise warping, splitting and cutting and it won’t peel or crack. 

The look of natural timber is perfect for those who want their cabin to be in complete harmony with its surrounding environment.

Nord Trond cabin with skillion roof

Tudor Style:

For centuries, builders have been leaving the structural, load bearing timbers exposed in a technique known as “half-timbering”. To create decorative effects, they will often use infill between the frames.

The oldest known example of half-timbering is dated back to ancient Rome and a structure known as opus craticum that was destroyed by the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79AD. The style was widely used throughout Europe, especially Germany in the 15th and 16th centuries.

One of the most common examples of the half-timbered style is commonly known as “Tudor style”, where exposed, dark coloured timber beams are filled with white space.

The term “Tudor style” generally refers to the style of buildings of prestige during the period of approximately 1500 and 1560 rather than the whole Tudor period of Medieval England which spanned 1485 – 1603.

We’ve taken this look and put our own spin on it by using painted steel beams and solid white metal panels.

Laser-Cut Steel Sheet:

Our “Laser cut steel sheet” style is made using weathering steel as the external cladding. This is designed to give you a unique, antique looking appearance without having to wait years for it to happen by itself.

Developed in the 1930s, weathering steel is a low alloy, high strength steel designed to eliminate the need for painting.

One of the main advantages of weathering steel is its high resistance to corrosion. The rusting process of the steel actually helps it to form a protective layer of oxide when it is exposed to the weather.

What this means is that it is low maintenance because you never have to paint in. In fact, you shouldn’t paint it as paint can reduce the steel’s ability to protect itself by preventing it for forming the protective layer of oxide.

We cut the pre-designed shapes using a laser cutter which means you get the highest quality finish with no sharp or frayed edges.


How does my new pride and joy get to its new home?

We own a Semi-Trailer that we use to deliver the Nord-Trond cabins.

You need to pay for our costs in doing so.

Alternatively, if we are busy building cabins / you prefer to do it yourselves, you can organise any Semi-Trailer with appropriate crane equipment.


This is where you are going to really love us

Everyone else does cabins that need to be on leveled ground, sitting on a slab, or stumps…. BUT NOT US!

Our system means the cabins can go on undulating ground and with no preparation needed – it takes next to no time.

Our cabins sit on adjustable legs (we have a range of sizes), and if you want, we can help with the installation.

Bunk Bed System

Our bunk system takes 15 minutes to change from 1 Queen (2 hidden), to 2 Queens (1 hidden), or 3 Queen beds!

1 Queen?

2 Queens?

3 Queens?


Control access times, days and users from anywhere in the world.

Our cabins have KAS smartlocks.

Via your smartphone, you can send permission to whoever you like for days and times you choose. For example, different people can have different access dates or times.

Via the alarm, our cabins can “talk” to your smartphone. Wherever in the world you happen to be, you can tell if someone is in your cabin.

You can also remotely turn the alarm system, power or lights on/off.

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