100% wool Scandinavian Style curtains

121 Woollen Curtains in Cabin Bedroom
Price: $87m² Fabric Used

Colour Options:
Charcoal Grey Heavy Moleskin
Olive Grey Heavy Moleskin

We imported equipment specially from Europe so that we could manufacture these curtains in a way unique to us in Australia.

Curtains are finished to the dimensions you specify plus matching rod and eyelets.

Note the m² of fabric is always going to be 50% to 80% more than the m² of the walls / windows you are covering due to the folds.

If you want the curtains double thickness (eg to block out light or use as a dividing wall), you need to double the m² of fabric and specify this in your order.

Installation is so easy that even a very unhandy handyperson could successfully complete the task.

Swatches can me sent via mailbag anywhere in Australia for a $45 charge, which will be taken off the cost of your order if you proceed.