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Below is a list of questions we get asked the most

Do you supply cabins direct to the public?

Unfortunately we do not supply cabins direct to the public. If you are a private individual, you will need to arrange for the cabin to be purchased via your Registered Builder.

We supply cabins to Caravan / Tourist Park Owners, Hotel Owners, Retirement Village Developers or Registered Builders.

How do I place an order for a Nord-Trond cabin?

You can either:

  • Contact the Nord-Trond Factory in Sebastopol directly (WHOLESALE / COMMERCIAL ENQUIRIES ONLY).
  • Place an order through your local Real Estate Agent or Caravan Dealership. The cost is the same either way

With either option, you can visit our factory to see your cabin as it is being manufactured.

How long will it take for my Nord-Trond cabin to be manufactured?
Approximately 4-6 weeks depending on how busy the Nord-Trond Factory is.
Does Delivery and Installation of my Nord-Trond cabin cost extra?
Yes. It is approximately $4 per km + $700.
Can I pick-up and install my own cabin?
Can I customise my Nord-Trond cabin?

Once you have taken delivery of your cabin, it is your property and you can do whatever you like.

During the the manufacturing process however, we have a small selection of choices and optional extras you can choose from. Contact the Factory on 03 4373 1402 for more information.

What is included in a Nord-Trond cabin? What features are there?

The list of included or “standard” features depends on the design of cabin. You can see a more detailed description on our floor plans page. In general, every design comes with: 

  • Simple powerboard / extension cord style – 10amp electrical connections.
  • Double glazed doors & windows
  • Insulated walls and ceiling.
  • Corten exterior.
  • A unique, low environmental impact pod style standing system so there is no need to level or prepare your site in advance.
How do I get power to my Nord-Trond cabin?

You have a few options:

  1. Find a mains power source, ideally 3 x 15AMP. You can power them on as a little as 1 x 10 AMP lead, but this will severely restrict the amount of appliances/lights that are able to run at the one time.
  2. Plug in a generator, ideally one that can supply 3 x 15AMP single phase of power.
  3. Install solar panels on the roof.

Option one is how the cabins come set up.

Option two and three, you need to source yourself. We can help you with specifications of suitable products.

Are the units wired for 240v?
Yes and all wiring in the Nord-Trond cabins is to Caravan Specs i.e. 2 pole switching.

It is also all done with 2.5mm stranded core flex so as to future proof your requirements.

Where does the waste go?
You need to either plumb the cabins into an existing septic sewage line or, you install a mini septic or effluent processing system.
Can my Nord-Trond cabin be moved after the initial delivery/installation?
Yes. The Nord-Trond cabins are designed so they can easily be moved with minimal amount of work.
How high are the Nord-Trond cabins from the ground?
Without the skillion roof the cabins are 2.85m from the ground.
How do I get fresh water to my cabin?

You have one of two options:

  1. Connect your cabin up to a mains water supply.
  2. Connect your cabin to a water tank on a stand at the rear of the cabin .
What are the dimensions of the Nord-Trond cabins?
Depending upon which Nord-Trond cabin style you choose, it is approximately:

  • 2.5m wide
  • 12.2m long
  • 2.85m high (without the skillion roof).
What permits do I require for the Nord-Trond cabins?
You will need to enquire with your local council as the permit situation will vary from council to council.

The zoning of your land, other dwellings on the land and how many nights a year the cabin is occupied will be important.

We have experts who can assist you with the whole permit process, including a very quick initial assessment, to give you an approximate idea of your chances.

How uneven can the land be that I put the my cabin on?
Each leg of the  cabin is capable of being raised and lowered 500mm.


  • the fall from left to right cannot be more than 5/120 (approximately 4% / 2.3 degrees) and,
  • the fall from front to back cannot be greater than 5/24 (approximately 20% / 11 degrees). 
Do I need a concrete pad, stumps or level ground for the Nord-Trond cabin?
There is no need for leveling or permanent ground preparation providing the slopes fit within question above.

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