Deluxe, Transportable Cabins

Combo Special
94m2 for $94,000

Stylish, transportable cabins built in our factory in Sebastopol, near Ballarat

The charm and character of the Nord-Trond Cabins starts with the Factory they are born in.

We welcome the opportunity to show you the Nord-Trond Deluxe Cabins.

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Combo Special: 94m2 for $94,000

Inspirational Modern & Practical!

This ‘Combo Special’ includes:

  • Rear Bedroom Holiday Cabin (V4)
  • Full Open Portico (V8)
  • Storeroom / Workshop / Laundry Cabin (V9)

The holiday cabin includes a spacious lounge/living area, queen size bedroom, kitchen/dining area with overhead cupboards, bathroom with separate wc, double vanity, shower & storage area for linen, awning windows & solid timber doors.

A covered walkway & decking connects the main cabin to the storeroom / workshop / laundry cabin.

The open portico offers a spacious outdoor el fresco, entertainment & BBQ area with decking, industrial bracing, and an optional, step-down open fireplace.

Our unique, environmentally friendly cabins are built using high quality materials and can be delivered anywhere in Victoria.

Contact our team to arrange a time to see our display cabins in Ballarat.

With a large floor space cabin, open portico and a storage/workshop/laundry cabin this combo ticks all the boxes!

Why, Why, Why ‘Nord-Trond’?

On a recent visit to Norway, we went to the Nord-Trondelag region where our Grandfather had a factory many, many decades ago.

We were also inspired by the Norsk Folkemuseum – Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, where over 150 traditional cabins from all regions of Norway are on display on one location.

Beautiful, affordable, high quality, transportable cabins


Your cabin is built with ultimate attention to quality & detail.

Every inch is maximised to create a feeling of spaciousness.


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You’ll be amazed by our stunning, transportable cabins.


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These cabins are make for walking. And that’s just what they’ll do!

Our high sustainability Nord-Trond cabins are designed to be easily transportable.

If you need to adjust the location of your cabin, it only takes a few hours for us to pick it up and load on the back of a Semi-Trailer.



We love virginity

The natural virgin state of your land can be preserved relatively intact with our system

If you are putting our cabin in an environmentally sensitive area, when the time comes for you to change the location of your cabin, all that is left are a few spots on the ground for vegetation to grow back over.


Who do I speak to?

You can buy a cabin from:

Us directly at the Factory
A local Caravan Dealership or Caravan Parks
A local Real Estate Agent
Any which way you choose, the price remains the same.

Who’s in charge?

Brett Canfield

Office Moose Guru

Shayne Biggs

Chief Everything Officer

Shane Wilson

Grand Pooh Bah

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We combine our love for tiny homes with our love for interior design to create luxurious, functional cabins you will be proud to own.

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