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About your Virginity

Nord-Trond global sourcing cost savings mean if you are a:
– Business operator, Private buyer, or a Builder onselling to a client
– No matter what building classification
We can supply better value for money for the basic construction than any alternatives.
AND uniquely for this type of product: A very high quality architectural design and build.

Our method of constructing buildings has the following advantages:
– Can always sell and move to a different model as the market or your requirements change
– Can add to it easily as the business or personal requirements change
– When removed, there are no permanent scars or alterations to the land
– Construction is done off site so there is minimal interference to your business or your personal amenity during the construction phase

The natural virgin state of your land can be preserved relatively intact 
Our system means no need for levelling, permanent ground preparation, or concrete slab.
If you are in an environmentally sensitive area, when the time comes for you to change locations, all that is left are a few spots on the ground for vegetation to grow back over.

Why, Why, Why ‘Nord-Trond’?

On a recent visit to Norway, we went to the Nord-Trondelag region where our Grandfather had a factory many, many decades ago.

We were also inspired by the Norsk Folkemuseum – Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, where over 150 traditional cabins from all regions of Norway are on display on one location.


 Smaller size buildings take less resources and energy to construct and consume less energy to occupy. We have taken this to extremes with our V5x series of buildings that use thick layers of very high “R” value fire-retardant polyisocyanurate insulation in the floor, walls and ceilings. We are able to construct many of our buildings using this material whereas it cannot be used with conventional building techniques.


Our Products are made for walking. And that’s just what they’ll do!

Our high sustainability Nord-Trond Buildings are designed to be easily transportable.

If you need to adjust the location of your building, it only takes a few hours for us to pick it up and load on the back of a Semi-Trailer.



Our cabins are built with ultimate attention to quality & detail.

Every inch is designed to maximise spaciousness

Plans & Prices

Nord-Trond cabins come in many configurations.

From stunning open plan holiday cabins to commercial kitchen & 24 bed dorms.


Take a look through our cabins on our Image Gallery.

You’ll be amazed by our luxurious, stunning, transportable cabins.

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