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We supply cabins direct in quantities of 8 or more to:

– Hotel or Motel Operators
– Caravan Park Operators
– Retirement Village Developers
– Air BnB that are Class 3 (ie 8 or more units)
– Educational Institutions
 – For class 2, 3, 5, 6, or 9 use

If you are a commercial operator in one of the above categorieslease contact us and our staff will ask you for some information first before passing your details on to our management team.

Our Management team will then contact you and will happily meet with you and show you our display cabins.

Our cabins can be viewed at:

124 Yarrowee St Sebastopol, VIC, 3356



Unfortunately we do not supply cabins direct to the public.

 For class 1a or class 1b use, or Air Bnb operators building under class 1, we will not sell you a cabin directly, you can only purchase via a registered residential builder.

You need a professional to assess your site, get your permits, or advise you as to what you can or cannot do. We suggest you engage a builder to do that (or if you have a larger budget an architect).

Your registered residential builder will then negotiate to buy the basic cabin from us (we can sell it to them for less than it would cost them to build the same), sell it to you, and will then charge you for getting your permits, installing the cabin, doing whatever customisation you want, and adding your finishing touches.

Class 1a dwellings have a legal mandated structural warranty that we have allowed for in our sale process with the builder.

Once you:

– Own a site, and know its zoning, and BAL rating needed.

– Have organised finance (banks will not finance cabins per se, unless you present it to them as a finished perm structure or get finance from one of the companies that do deal with moveable cabins). This is a potential stumbling block many are not prepared for as everyone is used to banks always lending on housing.

– Have a planning permit or advice from a professional that it is not needed.

– Have appointed an Architect or Builder, or asked a builder to quote on your job,

Then get that Builder or Architect to contact us. We can work out in a phone call if our products are suitable for your project. If you get to that point, then we have no problem with your builders and or architects (together with yourselves) visiting as often as they like.

We encourage you at the same time to visit as many other cabin manufacturers as possible as that is the best way to appreciate the quality of our product.

We also encourage your builder to assess our detailed specifications and look closely at our product costs and pricing to confirm our assertion that they are better off purchasing from us rather than building from ground up themselves. 


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We would love to hear from you!