Dual layer, very large (45 !!!) African Safari style 6 star Glamping Tents, with option of internal bathrooms, kitchen, and solid front doors and windows.


Basic Tent Only

Tent, Fly, wooden frame, joiners, ground sheet & basic anchor screws: $14,000

+ Option of Deck

Under, and front of tent: $280 per m² 

Note this is total, complete, installed, ready to go. No slab, stumps or piers needed. You need to take the full cost of alternative deck systems into account when comparing with this. Unique instant installation system decking.

396. Glamping bathroom

+ Option of Internal Toilet

Proper normal toilet/ solid walls / deck floor for inside tent : $3,900

+ Option of Internal Shower & Vanity

Proper normal bathroom / solid walls / deck floor, for inside tent : $4,800

+ Option of Carpet Rug

Standard carpet : $850
Rot proof, water resistant, marine grade carpet : $1,400

+ Option of Timber Doors

Timber and 6mm Plexiglass (impact resistant) French doors and windows for front of tent : $5,820

Nord Trond stainless steel kitchen

+ Option of Kitchen

Kitchen joinery and solid walls, for inside tent : $2,750 (white goods extra)

Nord Trond cabin fireplace

+ Option of Fireplace

Fire place for front deck of tent, and wood stack frames : $4,300

Air Conditioner

+ Option of Air-conditioning / Heating

Air-conditioning / Rev cycle heating : $3,200